Latest News:

  • Nurstead Dog Show

    The annual Nurstead Court Dog show – Saturday 13th June.  See Functions & Events/Forthcoming Events page.

    – 06.05.15
  • Outdoor Theatre

    The Changeling Theatre Company return this summer. See forthcoming events page  for more information and how to book your tickets.

    – 27.05.15
  • Cross Country Training

    A top class cross country training course designed by Olympic designer Scott Brickell is now fully open. See Equestrian page.

    – 06.11.14

“We feel pretty lucky that our original venue cancelled on us as we couldn’t have picked a better place for our wedding. It was just perfect.”

“The day was really perfect in every way and we will remember it forever. 19/06/2014 will be in our memories and every year we will remember the wonder day we spent at Nurstead Court.”

Welcome to Nurstead Court

  • Nurstead Court is nestled in the north Kent countryside.   The House, Garden Marquee and attractive grounds provide the ideal venue for weddings and other special events.  It is an historically important Grade 1 listed building consisting of a Medieval aisled hall with a Victorian facade.

A family run estate Nurstead Court has a reputation for providing catering and service of the highest quality.  This commitment to quality together with the stunning location and friendly atmosphere makes Nurstead Court one of the most distinctive venues for weddings and other events.

Real Weddings

Anna and Steve’s Wedding at St. Mildred’s Church and Nurstead Court.

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